The Triumph of Christianity

I have posted several myths concerning Christianity and history here at IsChristianityTrue? such as the myth of the dark ages (which is one of my more popular posts), the flat earth myth, the myth of Galileo going to jail, myths and facts about the Crusades, and the myth that the church hindered the development of science.  While these posts counter popular misconceptions, what positive contributions … Continue reading The Triumph of Christianity

Moral Relativism: Limitations and Failings

I was once sitting in a graduate level seminar when the topic of morality and ethics came up.  One of the doctoral students stated that they believed that societies and cultures struggle through various issue of morality and through that cultural conversation and debate emerges the ethical norms for the community: thus morality is relative to culture.  I remember leaning in and asking, “So, you … Continue reading Moral Relativism: Limitations and Failings