Apologetics Resources: New RF Video

As planned I am highlighting some useful resources online, in print, conferences, etc. that will help those involved in apologetics.  Recently William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith has released a new animated video titled “Who Did Jesus Think He Was?”  Over the years Craig’s ministry has been publishing some very high quality apologetic videos that are… Continue reading Apologetics Resources: New RF Video

5 False Theories About Jesus: Repost

Kyle Dillon, a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and theology and Latin instructor at Westminster Academy in Memphis, has written a nice concise article on five false beliefs about Jesus at The Gospel Coalition.  He briefly examines the popular alternative theories about Jesus, and provides some guidelines in responding to them.  It is… Continue reading 5 False Theories About Jesus: Repost

To Read This Week: Easter Week and the Resurrection

Here are some  recommended articles around the internet particularly on the Resurrection given that it is Easter week: “A Look at the Evidence for the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus” by Eric Chabot at Thinking Apologetics. “Equipped Vol. 1, No. 3 “Evidence for the Resurrection” by Christian Apologetics Alliance.  Whole online journal dedicated to… Continue reading To Read This Week: Easter Week and the Resurrection