Trends in Apologetics: Children’s Apologetics

This is the fourth part of a series I am doing on Trends in Apologetics.  I have covered Urban Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics, and Women in Apologetics.  This post will focus on Children’s Apologetics. Children’s Apologetics “Already Gone” It has been highly promoted that between 50% to 70% of Christian students will abandon the faith in college.  It… Continue reading Trends in Apologetics: Children’s Apologetics

Cold-Cases and Christianity

My wife loves detective or crime shows on TV.  From Matlock and Monk to Psyche and Sherlock.  She actually likes serving on the jury in court.  For those who have special place for detective shows or even crime novels you need to check out J. Warner Wallace.  Wallace, a cold-case detective, was an adamant atheist… Continue reading Cold-Cases and Christianity