10 Days of Archaeology: Day One – Hezekiah Bulla

Epic Archaeology, which I have featured here before, run by Ted Wright has provided several infographics about different archaeological artifacts that relate or even support the biblical narrative. For the next ten days I will feature some of the infographics Epic Archaeology has produced. There are over two dozen infographics so they are well worth taking a look at. Hezekiah Bulla I have posted on this … Continue reading 10 Days of Archaeology: Day One – Hezekiah Bulla

Biblical Archeaology: Hezekiah Bulla

A clay seal stamped with Hezekiah’s name was found recently (actually, it was excavated in 2009, but its significance was just recently discovered).  This royal seal, that would be impressed upon scrolls, is over 2,700 years old.  It clearly has the imprint of Hezekiah’s name upon it, measuring only about a centimeter across. Bible History Daily reports that:   The bulla, which measures just over … Continue reading Biblical Archeaology: Hezekiah Bulla