Bible Is More Dangerous Than The Communist Manifesto?

Students say the Bible Is more dangerous than the Communist Manifesto at George Washington University: Even though it has been shown that religion is good for you, Christianity has supported the well-being than any other movement on the planet, and that Christianity has contributed to morality, freedom, democracy, science, and that the West actually owes its values of equality and human dignity to the religion.… Continue reading Bible Is More Dangerous Than The Communist Manifesto?

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on St. Basil

Originally posted on Reflections:
Not many people are known as so-and-so “the Great.” But St. Basil the Great was one of the finest thinkers, writers, and preachers in Christian church history. What did this man believe, and what did he ultimately contribute to historic Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of…

The Triumph of Christianity

I have posted several myths concerning Christianity and history here at IsChristianityTrue? such as the myth of the dark ages (which is one of my more popular posts), the flat earth myth, the myth of Galileo going to jail, myths and facts about the Crusades, and the myth that the church hindered the development of… Continue reading The Triumph of Christianity

Faith in America: The New Normal?

Article with Time about believing in America “Regular Christians No Longer Welcome in America.”  Mary Eberstadt, author of It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies, pens some poignant words in this article about “the faithful hav[ing to pay] unexpected prices for their beliefs.”  Mary Tedeschi Eberstadt is an American essayist, n ovelist, and author of… Continue reading Faith in America: The New Normal?