Book Notice: Mama Bear Apologetics

I remember when my son was in 4th grade one night when he was getting ready for bed, brushing his teeth.  He came into the hall, yanked the toothbrush out of his mouth, asked in an exasperating toothpaste filled mouth: “Dad, dad, what happens to those people who never hear about Jesus?”  First, what 4th grader thinks up such a question when they are getting … Continue reading Book Notice: Mama Bear Apologetics

Check Out “Mama Bear Apologetics”

A couple of months ago I did a string of post on trends in apologetics.  One of the trends is Children’s Apologetics (other trends included Urban Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics, and Women’s Apologetics).  Just over a year ago, Hillary Ferrer started the blog and podcast called Mama Bear Apologetics.  The opening page tag line explains succinctly the purpose of their blogs/podcasts: “Mess with our kids . . . … Continue reading Check Out “Mama Bear Apologetics”

Trends in Apologetics: Children’s Apologetics

This is the fourth part of a series I am doing on Trends in Apologetics.  I have covered Urban Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics, and Women in Apologetics.  This post will focus on Children’s Apologetics. Children’s Apologetics “Already Gone” It has been highly promoted that between 50% to 70% of Christian students will abandon the faith in college.  It depends on the study but the findings are seeming consistent: … Continue reading Trends in Apologetics: Children’s Apologetics