Match of the Century: Lydia vs. Licona…maybe? [Updated]

Lydia’s Counterpunch: Lydia McGrew answers blow for blow in her response series. Here is the first video response in the series: Looks like the bout is going to the next round June 1 with Licona’s video release announcing a new series titled “Lydia McGrew Answered!”: You can read this article to catch up with theContinue reading “Match of the Century: Lydia vs. Licona…maybe? [Updated]”

Biblical Archaeology: A Guide to Internet Archaeology

Have you ever come across (or been sent a link via email or facebook) about a giant skeleton discovery that confirms the size of Goliath? I have. Many times.  They have all been internet hoaxes (like the picture below). Over at Epic Archaeology Ted Wright has written an excellent article titled “A Quick Guide toContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: A Guide to Internet Archaeology”

Biblical Archaeology: Clay Seal of King Josiah’s aide found

2 Kings 23:11 – “He [Josiah] removed from the entrance to the temple of the LORD the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun. They were in the court near the room of an official named Nathan-Melek. Josiah then burned the chariots dedicated to the sun.” (NIV) A clay seal ofContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Clay Seal of King Josiah’s aide found”

Apologetic Resource: Impact 360 [NEW Video]

Impact 360 has been releasing some fantastically produced videos. Here is one of their newest ones:   Impact 360 has been running some great videos as well as their camps, residency programs, and training. Speakers who frequent Impact 360 include: Jonathan Morrow (one of Impact 360’s directors), Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace, Brett Kunkle, AlishaContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Impact 360 [NEW Video]”