10 Days of Archaeology: Day Three – Caiaphas Ossuary

Epic Archaeology‘s superb infographics highlight various archaeological artifacts that relate or even support the biblical narrative. Continuing the “Ten Days of Archaeology” posts featuring some of the infographics Epic Archaeology has produced. here is day three with the Caiaphas Ossuary. Be sure to check out the other infographics at Epic Archaeology. Caiaphas Ossuary An ossuary is a chest orContinue reading “10 Days of Archaeology: Day Three – Caiaphas Ossuary”

Biblical Archaeology: Ziklag

In 1 Samuel 27:5–6 we read about David receiving refuge from King Saul. It reads: Then David said to Achish, “If I have found favor in your eyes, let a place be given me in one of the country towns, that I may dwell there. For why should your servant dwell in the royal city withContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Ziklag”

Biblical Archaeology: Clay Seal of King Josiah’s aide found

2 Kings 23:11 – “He [Josiah] removed from the entrance to the temple of the LORD the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun. They were in the court near the room of an official named Nathan-Melek. Josiah then burned the chariots dedicated to the sun.” (NIV) A clay seal ofContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Clay Seal of King Josiah’s aide found”

Biblical Archaeology: The Prophet Isaiah

A clay seal stamped with the prophet Isaiah’s name was found recently.  This seal, that would be impressed upon scrolls, is over 2,700 years old and was found next to the other much reported clay seal (or bulla) for Hezekiah.  It would be the first extra-Biblical evidence of the prophet Isaiah. In a statement Dr.Continue reading “Biblical Archaeology: The Prophet Isaiah”

Biblical Archaeology: Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is recorded in Genesis 11:1-9.  Critical scholars have traditionally viewed this story as mythical and not historical. There just seemed to not be enough corroborating evidence. But, recently the Smithsonian Channel’s show titled Secrets aired its first episode of season four titled “The Tower of Babel” which seemingly supports the biblical record. TheContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Tower of Babel”

Biblical Archaeology: 12th Dead Sea Scroll Cave Found!

A twelfth cave has been found!  Craig Evans, of Houston Baptist University reports its importance: The last Dead Sea Scrolls cave, linked to the ruins on the marl shelf at the mouth of Wadi Qumran, was discovered in 1956, bringing the total number of caves to eleven — eleven caves containing the famous Dead SeaContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: 12th Dead Sea Scroll Cave Found!”

Biblical Archaeology: History Has Gone to the Toilets-The Ancient Latrine of Lachish

  Jehu strikes down the prophets of Baal.  “So when they put them to the sword, the guard and the officers cast them out and went into the inner room of the house of Baal and they brought out the pillar that was in the house of Baal and burned it.  And they demolished theContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: History Has Gone to the Toilets-The Ancient Latrine of Lachish”

Biblical Archaeology: Philistine Cemetery

Possibly the first Philistine cemetery has been discovered at Ashkelon, Israel.  They have been excavating this known Philistine city for decades, but have just recently uncovered a burial site which could answer many questions concerning the origins and life of the Philistines, the biblical archenemy of the Israelites.  Ashkelon, was a major Philistine city inContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Philistine Cemetery”