Missionary Myths and the Roots of Democracy

Christian missionaries have been deemed racists, imperialistic, and intolerant, but the truth of the efforts of missionaries has some very interesting seemingly unintended consequences: liberal democracies to name just but one. While many might view the modern Christian missions movement as an intolerable effort against multiculturalism leading to the exploitation of people groups by proselytizingContinue reading “Missionary Myths and the Roots of Democracy”

What About the Crusades? Myths and Facts.

Much discussion about the Crusades has floated around the media after Obama’s mentioning of it in a prayer breakfast speech.  This wasn’t the first time a president has mentioned the crusades.  At Georgetown University in 2001, Bill Clinton gave a speech blaming the current increase of Islamic terrorist activity, such as 9/11, as fallout from theContinue reading “What About the Crusades? Myths and Facts.”

The Myth of the Dark Ages

We have all heard about the “Dark Ages” between 500 AD and 1500 AD.  Some common descriptions include: “There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as the Dark Ages.” – Ruth Hurmence Green (1915-1981, a notable atheist with the publication of her book The Born Again Skeptic’s Guide to theContinue reading “The Myth of the Dark Ages”

Novel Apologetics

Apologetics is not usually known for producing gripping fictional thrillers, but it does have a few.  In fact, I think you might be surprised by how many novel apologetic works are out there.  Here is a sampling.  If you know of any others add it to the list below with a link to its amazonContinue reading “Novel Apologetics”

Apologetics: To Degree or Not To Degree?

I have notice several posts about getting a degree in apologetics or not.  I find the discussion very interesting.  For clarity, I do not have a degree in apologetics (see my CV here).  I have a degree in history, education, philosophy, and theology.  There are now a host of schools that offer degree in apologetics, soContinue reading “Apologetics: To Degree or Not To Degree?”

5 Apologetic Books to Read for 2017 (and 5 others to consider)

My former apologetics professor, Ted Cabal who edited the Apologetics Study Bible, stated that we leave in the “golden age of apologetics.”  I believe that is so with many great books coming out this past year and more to come in 2017.  Leave a comment on what great apologetic books you are looking forward toContinue reading “5 Apologetic Books to Read for 2017 (and 5 others to consider)”

Ontological Argument Video

Reasonable Faith has produced another high quality animated video on the evidence for God’s existence.  This one is on the ontological argument.   This argument dates back to Anselm (1033-1109) in his book Proslogium in which he created an argument for God that included all the superlative attributes: “God is that which no greater canContinue reading “Ontological Argument Video”

Long Lost Videos Rediscovered: William Lane Craig on 100 Huntley Street

Well, they weren’t really lost but I haven’t seen this circulated and after watching them myself I was impressed.  This series of videos with William Lane Craig on Canada’s longest running daily talk show, 100 Huntley Street, was released in 2009.  They are really good.  Ranging from a minute and a half long to fiveContinue reading “Long Lost Videos Rediscovered: William Lane Craig on 100 Huntley Street”

Biblical Archaeology: Philistine Cemetery

Possibly the first Philistine cemetery has been discovered at Ashkelon, Israel.  They have been excavating this known Philistine city for decades, but have just recently uncovered a burial site which could answer many questions concerning the origins and life of the Philistines, the biblical archenemy of the Israelites.  Ashkelon, was a major Philistine city inContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Philistine Cemetery”

New Video by Reasonable Faith: The Contingency Argument for God’s Existence

As some of you know William Lane Craig from Reasonable Faith has been developing some quality videos over various arguments for God’s existence (three of them can be found here on my webpage).  Here is his latest video on the Leibnizian Contingency argument: Further explorations in this particular argument can be pursued here: “Leibnizian CosmologicalContinue reading “New Video by Reasonable Faith: The Contingency Argument for God’s Existence”