Want to bring Apologetics to your group and help them understand the reasonableness of Christianity as well as learn to defend the faith?  Fill out the fields below and I will contact you.  Looking forward to talking to you.

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Here are some topics I can speak on and formats to consider:

A Half Day Seminar: “Is Christianity True?” Seminar

4 session seminar covering the topics of:

Session 1: Does God exist?

Session 2: Is the Bible reliable?

Session 3: Is Jesus God?

Session 4: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Each session is 45-50 minutes. Half Day Seminar with 10 minute breaks and the host usually provides a lunch/dinner or student to bring a lunch or buy dinner.

Individual Sessions:

Pick any of the session from half-day list or list from below

Other Possible Seminar Topics:

  • Worldviews
  • Truth and Relativism
  • Cults & New Religious Movements
  • World Religions
  • Is Jesus the Only Way?
  • Problem of Evil
  • Science and Religion
  • Miracles
  • Moral Issues
  • Did Jesus Exist?
  • Evangelism & Apologetics
  • Faith and Reason
  • Ethical Relativism
  • Parallelmania: Did Christianity Borrow from Pagan Myths