Apologetics Resource: STR U

Stand to Reason, the apologetics organization led by Greg Koukl, has created “an online training program designed to produce a particular kind of person: an effective ambassador for Christ. Using short, interactive, and engaging courses, STR U equips Christians to make an even-handed, yet gracious defense for Christianity and Christian values in the public square.” Stand to Reason has been producing apologetics resources for the church … Continue reading Apologetics Resource: STR U

Apologetics Resource: What Would You Say?

Since September 2019, the Colson Center for Christian Worldview has been producing a series of 5 minute videos under the title: “What Would You Say?” Ranging from topics such as abortion, the Bible, apologetics, culture, family, economics, and theology, these videos provide “Quick answers to hard questions about gender, race, identity, equality, justice, and more. In a world where “truth” seems to change every five … Continue reading Apologetics Resource: What Would You Say?

Book Notice: “So The Next Generation Will Know”

Sean Mcdowell and J. Warner Wallace have teamed up to bring us a practical guide for equipping the next generation with a biblical worldview in their soon to be released book So The Next Generation will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World. (May 1, 2019) Many books on apologetics and worldviews claim to be a guide in sharing the biblical truth with the next generation, … Continue reading Book Notice: “So The Next Generation Will Know”