Coronavirus, Apologetics, and the Problem of Evil

The country has come to a screeching halt as we fight the spread of Covid-19 or the Coronavirus with social distancing. One question that obviously comes to mind is why did God allow the spread of the dangerous virus or any virus for that matter such as the flu. Below are some responses to Covid-19Continue reading “Coronavirus, Apologetics, and the Problem of Evil”

Apologetic Resource: Animated Apologetic Videos

Over the past several years there has been a boom in Christian Apologetic animated videos.  While there are plenty of apologetic videos from debates, podcasts, presentations, etc., here I want to focus on just those videos that are of high animated quality, relatively short (under 10 minutes), and are focused on Christian apologetics. Over atContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Animated Apologetic Videos”

Gen Z, Atheism, and The Problem of Evil

Generation Z The generation born from 1999 to 2015.  They are the successors of Gen X (born 1965-1980) and Gen Y, also known as Millennials (b. 1981-1998).  The dates are approximations and arbitrary as created by sociologists and scholars studying generational trends.  The Barna Group alongside the ministry Impact360 has conducted as study of GenContinue reading “Gen Z, Atheism, and The Problem of Evil”

New Video: Suffering and Evil: The Logical Problem and Probability Version

Dr. Craig’s Reasonable Faith has produced two new animated videos along with his pervious videos on the existence of god (Cosmological, Moral, Fine-Tuning, Contingency, and Ontological).  These two videos deal with the problem of evil: both the logical version and probabilistic version. As always, great quality and solid content.  Definitely worth checking out:    Continue reading “New Video: Suffering and Evil: The Logical Problem and Probability Version”

“Why Does God Allow Evil?” article in Updated CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students

In 2008 Broadman & Holman first released the Apologetics Study Bible.  Two years later they produced the Apologetics Study Bible for Students selling well over 100,000 copies. Features of this Study Bible included:  “Twisted Scriptures” explanations, “Bones & Dirt” archaeology meets apologetics, “Tactics” against common anti-Christian arguments, and“Personal Stories” of how God has worked in real lives.Continue reading ““Why Does God Allow Evil?” article in Updated CSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students”

Check it Out: Around the World Wide Web

Some great articles are circulating around some apologetic sites you need to check out around the world wide web: 1. “Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene? Revisiting a Stubborn Conspiracy Theory” by Michael Kruger | Cannon Fodder, Nov 29, 2016 Michael Kruger exposes this “too good to get rid of conspiracy”: that Jesus was married toContinue reading “Check it Out: Around the World Wide Web”

Videos on the Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is one of the foremost objections to belief in God in general and Christianity in particular.  Fortunately, Christian scholars, philosophers, and theologians have thought and responded to this objection quit well.  Here is a series of videos each dealing with the problem of evil.  All of them are under five (5)Continue reading “Videos on the Problem of Evil”