“My God, My God” Why Do Pastors Misinterpret Me?

I am sure you have heard that when Jesus cried out in a loud voice from the cross saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:33-34; Matthew 27:45-46) that this was when God the father turned his back on Jesus because as He bore the sins of the world and GodContinue reading ““My God, My God” Why Do Pastors Misinterpret Me?”

Apologetics Resource: Prove the Bible

As Sean McDowell points out below, Prove the Bible is a site with short videos that offer evidence for the truth of Christianity. Prove the Bible is a storehouse of apologetic videos categorized by topic such as God, Bible, Jesus, and the Gospel along with a miscellaneous grouping that includes worldviews, ethics, creation, hard topics,Continue reading “Apologetics Resource: Prove the Bible”

Book Notices: On Textual Criticism, History, and Apologetics

Several books are about to hit the stores concerning apologetics this October and November. They look very interesting and worth keeping an eye out for them if your are interested in those topics. _____________________________________________________________________________ In Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism In this volume Elijah Hixson and Peter Gurry, along with a teamContinue reading “Book Notices: On Textual Criticism, History, and Apologetics”

Apologetic Resource: Animated Apologetic Videos

Over the past several years there has been a boom in Christian Apologetic animated videos.  While there are plenty of apologetic videos from debates, podcasts, presentations, etc., here I want to focus on just those videos that are of high animated quality, relatively short (under 10 minutes), and are focused on Christian apologetics. Over atContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Animated Apologetic Videos”

Guards at the Tomb: Historical Inquiry and Resurrection Apologetics

The guards at the tomb of Jesus has been either much discussed or ignored in apologetical discourse around the resurrection of Jesus.  For example, here is William Lane Craig answering a question about the guards at the tomb:   Dr. Timothy McGrew, professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University,  has a thorough response to the challengeContinue reading “Guards at the Tomb: Historical Inquiry and Resurrection Apologetics”

Apologetic Resource: Videos on the Resurrection

Dr. William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith, Houston Baptist University, and Biola University, has just released his new videos on the resurrection.  Share them on social media: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?: The Facts   Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?: The Explanation   There are some great resources on the evidence for theContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Videos on the Resurrection”

Apologetics Resource: Apologetics QuickGuide

Announcing: APOLOGETICS QUICKGUIDE Here is a series of online presentations that I did with the wonderful assistance of Clint Loveness called “Apologetics QuickGuide.” It follows the topics from the above menu link: Is Christianity True? It was filmed at a great location, by a professional film crew.  The quality is outstanding, making the content thatContinue reading “Apologetics Resource: Apologetics QuickGuide”

Apologetics Resources: New RF Video

As planned I am highlighting some useful resources online, in print, conferences, etc. that will help those involved in apologetics.  Recently William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith has released a new animated video titled “Who Did Jesus Think He Was?”  Over the years Craig’s ministry has been publishing some very high quality apologetic videos that areContinue reading “Apologetics Resources: New RF Video”