Video: “Is It Possible to Know God?”

William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith ministry has produced their newest animated video, the final one in Dr. Craig’s On Guard series!This film was created as a simple, accessible tool for communicating the Gospel with others and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus. Check out my post for a host of other animated videos on apologetics andContinue reading “Video: “Is It Possible to Know God?””

“My God, My God” Why Do Pastors Misinterpret Me?

I am sure you have heard that when Jesus cried out in a loud voice from the cross saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:33-34; Matthew 27:45-46) that this was when God the father turned his back on Jesus because as He bore the sins of the world and GodContinue reading ““My God, My God” Why Do Pastors Misinterpret Me?”

“Throwback Thursday”: InterFaith Dialogue: Salvation in Christianity and Islam

This Throwback Thursday is of my Interfaith Dialogue I had at UTD on the nature of salvation in Christianity and Islam: I had the privilege of participating in an InterFaith Dialogue at the University of Texas at Dallas on Thursday night November 14. The local university chapter of Reasonable Faith UTD and the Muslim StudentContinue reading ““Throwback Thursday”: InterFaith Dialogue: Salvation in Christianity and Islam”

Apologetics Resource: STR U

Stand to Reason, the apologetics organization led by Greg Koukl, has created “an online training program designed to produce a particular kind of person: an effective ambassador for Christ. Using short, interactive, and engaging courses, STR U equips Christians to make an even-handed, yet gracious defense for Christianity and Christian values in the public square.” StandContinue reading “Apologetics Resource: STR U”

Apologetics Resource: What Would You Say?

Since September 2019, the Colson Center for Christian Worldview has been producing a series of 5 minute videos under the title: “What Would You Say?” Ranging from topics such as abortion, the Bible, apologetics, culture, family, economics, and theology, these videos provide “Quick answers to hard questions about gender, race, identity, equality, justice, and more.Continue reading “Apologetics Resource: What Would You Say?”

The Persecution of Christians on Campus

Being a professional student and spending over fourteen years in undergraduate and graduate education and another seven years as a professor at the collegiate level, it is disappointing to see the anti-Christian bias that is found on the college campus today.  Instances have ranged from prohibiting Christian clubs from requiring their leaders (not members), theirContinue reading “The Persecution of Christians on Campus”

Biblical Archaeology: – BREAKING – Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Archaeologists have recently discovered new fragments for the Dead Sea Scrolls. The New York Times reports: “Israeli researchers unveiled on Tuesday dozens of newly discovered Dead Sea Scroll fragments containing biblical texts dating back nearly 2,000 years, adding to the body of artifacts that have shed light on the history of Judaism, early Christian lifeContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: – BREAKING – Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scroll Fragments”

Religious Pluralism: What About Those That Have Never Heard the Gospel?

Several years back my eldest son who was in fifth grade at the time was brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.  He stepped into the hall and yanked the toothbrush out of his mouth, slinging toothpaste against the wall, and asked, “Dad, dad! What about those people who have never heard about Jesus? Continue reading “Religious Pluralism: What About Those That Have Never Heard the Gospel?”

What is Faith?

There are many misunderstandings on what “faith” actually is.  For example, Richard Dawkins states that, “Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.”  Peter Boghossian, Portland State University philosopher and author of A Manuel for Creating Atheists, describes faith as “pretending to know what you don’t know.”  Even popularContinue reading “What is Faith?”

The 2 Worst Atheist Objections

I come across these “objections” repeatedly online, in conversation, in debates, talk shows, and the like.  These are such silly objections against the existence of God that it is ludicrous that an answer has to be brought up. But, since they keep appearing and reappearing, they must be dealt with. 1. “Believing in God isContinue reading “The 2 Worst Atheist Objections”