Apologetics Resource: Equip by Reasonable Faith

William Lane Craig’s ministry Reasonable Faith has many videos, articles, podcasts, questions of the week, etc. It is an overwhelming amount of material. In order to access much of it in this digital age, Reasonable Faith has launched “Equip” to effectively explore the work of William Lane Craig with free online courses. Reasonable Faith describes the Equip Project as:

Dr. Craig has a mountain of material available online and you may not know quite where to start. The Equip online course platform will offer a free, guided tour through Dr. Craig’s content. When you sign up you’ll be able to access courses, track your progress, engage in forum conversations, and get to know others who are going deeper in their faith. Regardless of your level of experience with apologetics, Equip will help you get to the next level!

Equip from Reasonable Faith has seven courses with plans to add more in the future. The current courses include Introduction to Apologetics, Special Topics in Apologetics, Kalam Cosmological Argument, the Fine-Tuning Argument, the Moral Argument, the Resurrection, and Miracles. Each lesson is divided into sections and each section is divided into lessons. For example. the first course “Introduction to Apologetics” has 9 sections and each section is divided into approximately 5-10 lessons (it varies). You watch a video from Dr. Craig in each lesson and then take a 4-6 question quiz in which you must get all of them correct to move on to the next lesson. The earlier courses take anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete, but the later courses on specific issues like the Moral argument or the argument for the Resurrection range from 8-15 hours. It is very extensive, but it is designed for an intensive dive into the work and material of Dr. Craig.

It is very interactive and is designed for those who want to engage digitally and not with a book. Videos and podcasts are the training method here. You can track your progress and engage with the online community. It even has a point system for every lesson completed, quiz taken, and even every time you visit. This is definitely a nice training tool for apologetics.