The Persecution of Christians on Campus


Being a professional student and spending over fourteen years in undergraduate and graduate education and another seven years as a professor at the collegiate level, it is disappointing to see the anti-Christian bias that is found on the college campus today.  Instances have ranged from prohibiting Christian clubs from requiring their leaders (not members), their leaders to be Christian, to being shouted down in class for endorsing Christian views. The rise of anti-Christian bias on campus is evident.  Granted, many of the instances listed here are in no way comparable to what Christians are facing around the world, but an indicator of the rise of this attitude was found in a 2007 study by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research concerning anti-Semitism on campus. Rather than finding anti-Semitism, the Institute discovered that 53% of college professors admitted to “unfavorable” feelings about evangelical Christians.  No other religious group (including Muslims) was even close to this number.

Below are some instances of these “unfavorable” feelings about Christians on college and university campuses today:


School: California College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Program at Mason High School (via a San Diego Mason College Professor)

Issue: Professor labels Christians as Fascists

As far as I can tell, has a professor from San Diego Mason College to teach college courses on District campuses at Mason High School. Whatever the case, students capture it on camera that the professor allegedly labeled “White” people, “Christian[s],” and “heterosexual[s]” as “fascist.” According to the Washington Examiner, “A teacher from Madison High School in San Diego claimed fascists are synonymous with the “modern-day Republican Party” and “white, Christian, heterosexuals,” according to a student at the school.” A student, who did not want to be identified, stated that “He just kind of put up that they’re fascists, and they support a fascist government,” the student said. “Immediately — he didn’t even ask the class about it. He just made the assumption right away that whites and Christians automatically support a fascist government.” This is becoming the norm at college: Christians are anti-science, Christians are fascists, Christian groups denied funding at colleges, Christians denied positions of leadership, and on and on it goes.


School: University of Houston

Issue: Candidate denied a position for the SGA Supreme Court due to religious beliefs.

This could not be a more blatant example of religious bigotry and persecution against a Christian. Mya Little, a student at the University of Houston, hoped to attain a position as an associate justice of the Student Government Association (SGA) Supreme Court. During her speech for her bid as associate justice Little read a Bible verse and repeatedly emphasized her Christian beliefs. That, according to the SGA members of the University of Houston, disqualified her. They dismissed her from the chamber to discuss her “bias.” Campus Reform reports that “during this discussion, SGA members expressed concerns over Little’s religious beliefs.” According to the school’s newspaper, The Cougar, Little had accomplishments and qualifications such as being a member of the Black Law Students and First Generation Coogs which helped first-generation college students at the university.

The real irony is that Mya Little would have been the first Black woman to serve as an SGA Supreme Court justice. Here is a video discussing the real bias of the current SGA members:


School: University of Idaho College of Law

Issue: The University of Idaho College of Law’s Office of Civil Rights and Investigations issued no-contact orders to three Christian law students which prevented them from communicating with any student peers and restricted them from certain locations on campus because they expressed their religious belief in support of the biblical definition of marriage as one man and one woman.

The College Fix reports that three law students have been targeted for their Christian beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman. Peter Perlot, Mark Miller, and Ryan Alexander are members of the Christian Legal Society. A taste of the article describing the incident:

The events which led to the university taking action against the three Christian students started on April 1 when the law school held a “moment of community” to respond to “an anti-LGBTQ+ slur that was left on a whiteboard at the University’s Boise campus.” The lawsuit does not state what the slur was.

The CLS students, including Perlot and Miller, went to show support and prayed together in a circle. In addition to the 10 CLS students, 30 other individuals joined in the community prayer.

A student approached the CLS members and asked them about their club constitution’s statement that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Miller explained the biblical basis for the beliefs and respectfully disagreed.

A student falsely claimed at an April 4 meeting that one student “had told her to go to hell.” Alexander, who was not at the April 1 event, disagreed with the student and said that the biggest form of discrimination on campus is against Christian students. He referenced the delay CLS faced in registering its club the prior semester.