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Add several videos on the various religions of the world and soon will be adding a survey of New Religious Movements.  Here is the introductory video to the World Religions survey:

Along with the series of presentations on the evidence of Christianity (1. Does God Exist? 2. Is the Bible Reliable? 3. Is Jesus God? and 4. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?) we have added a series of videos on the demographics of world religions, worldviews analysis, and a survey of the religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism:

Apologetics Quick Guide

The earlier presentations that I did with the wonderful assistance of Clint Loveness called “Apologetics Quick Guide.”

It follows the topics from the above menu link: Is Christianity True?

It was filmed at a great location, by a professional film crew.  The quality is outstanding, making the content that much more accessible.  I hope that it can be a help to churches, schools, and individuals for many years to come.

Special thanks to Clint Loveness who filmed, produced, and published these videos.  Here is the introductory video to the four sessions:


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