Novel Apologetics: 8 Apologetic Novel Series

Apologetics is not usually known for producing gripping fictional thrillers, but it does have a few.  In fact, I think you might be surprised by how many novel apologetic works are out there.  Here is a sampling.  If you know of any others add it to the list below with a link to its Amazon page.

1. The Well of the Soul by Doug Powell
Doug Powell is not new to apologetics having published several accessible books called the “iWitness” series such as Resurrection iWitness, Jesus iWitness, and iWitness Archaeology along with The Ulitmate Guide to Defend Your Faith. More recently, Doug Powell has started a new series following the adventures of Graham Elliot: The Well of the Soul (Graham Eliot): 9781941720738: Powell,  Doug: Books“Graham Eliot, Ancient Near East scholar, into a hunt for the treasures of the second temple. The list has already cost the life of a colleague, and now he is being pursued as he races to recover what has been lost for almost 2,000 years.

As he literally digs into Jerusalem, he is haunted by the recent deaths of his wife and daughter, which have left him doubting the existence of God. His spiritual and archaeological struggles become more entwined as his life is repeatedly threatened the longer the work continues. When he reaches the final site—the cisterns below the Temple Mount, a network of caves and tunnel no one has entered in 150 years and that no one has ever explored—Graham discovers far greater treasure than he ever imagined.”

There are already two books out in this series. The Well of the Soul is followed by Among the Ashes. As I wasAmong the Ashes (Graham Eliot) by [Doug Powell] reading the first book, I found a lot of overlap between the fictional book and real life. For example, the practice of deconstructing cartonnage (i.e., mummy masks) reminds me of the allegedly first-century fragment of Mark that was supposedly uncovered under a mummy mask that did not turn out to be from the first-century that I wrote and reported about before. The second book of the Graham Eliot series by Powell has Eliot digitizing New Testament manuscripts like Daniel Wallace of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.
In short, you follow Graham Eliot in this series of biblical archaeological thrillers as he pursues truth wherever it leads. Murder, action, and apologetics.

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