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There has been a dramatic increase in YouTube Channels dedicated to Apologetics. It is popularly said that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google (although there is some nuance to that given that YouTube is owned by Google and when you search on Google it provides YouTube videos in its results).

Nevertheless, it is undeniable the use that YouTube is receiving and apologists recognize this fact, thus the increase in YouTube Apologetic Channels. Here are the top ten Apologetic YouTube Channels presented in the year they joined YouTube. The number of views for each channel is a snapshot from May 30, 2022.

Stand to Reason (2007)


Stand to Reason (STR) trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square. STR uploads a video almost every day which includes Greg Koukl’s radio/podcast along with STR’s other ministry partners such as To the Point with Jon Noyes, Alan Shlemon, and one of their most-watched Red Pen Logic with Mr. B.

drcraigvideos (2007)


drcraigvideos is the short clip channel for William Lane Craig’s ministry Reasonable Faith. Most of the videos on this channel are under 3 minutes and are clips from longer videos. Craig is one of the premier Chrisitan philosophers and theologians alive today having a tremendous impact on contemporary apologetics and on apologists.

William Lane Craig is Visiting Scholar of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University. A respected debater, prominent Internet presence, and author of Reasonable Faith, Dr. Craig is one of the most influential defenders of Christianity in our day. Dr. Craig pursued his undergraduate studies at Wheaton College and graduate studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, the University of Birmingham (England), and the University of Munich (Germany).

Craig’s full-length videos can be found at ReasonableFaithOrg.

Acts17Apologetics (2008)


Acts 17 Apologetics is a Christian YouTube channel founded by Dr. David Wood. David produces videos, dealing primarily with Christian apologetics with an emphasis on Islam (analyzing Muhammad, the Quran, sharia, and jihad). David works regularly with fellow YouTubers Vocab Malone, Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme??), the Apostate Prophet (an ex-Muslim), Anthony Rogers, and Sam Shamoun (Shamounian). The Acts17Apologetics channel features Christian testimonies and responses to popular atheists and Muslim apologists (e.g. Zakir Naik, Shabir Ally, Yusuf Estes, Mohammed Hijab, and Ali Dawah). David Wood figures prominently in the conversion of former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi that is retold in the must read book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

David Wood was one of the first (if not the first) to dedicate his ministry solely to producing YouTube content with more views than any other apologetics channel (169 million views and counting). His video “Why I Am a Christian” posted above is one of the premier apologetics videos ever produced with over 2 million views on that video alone. A marvelous retelling of his incredible story involving attempted murder, prison, and apologetics along with a superb videography of a single seemless take with an eye towards aesthetics and beauty. Do yourself a favor and watch it immediately.

Dr. Sean McDowell (2010)


Dr. Sean McDowell is a professor at Biola University. On this channel, he tackles some of the biggest questions about God, morality, and contemporary culture. Sean McDowell provides a long interview format with various guests on apologetic, ethical, and cultural issues that are intermittently interrupted by short video clips answering pointed questions in three minutes or less.

Mike Winger (2011)


Mike Winger was a pastor who has turned to full-time YouTube ministry in which he helps people to learn to think biblically about everything so they can deal with false teaching, know what Scripture says about specific issues, prove Christianity is true, go deep into theology and become a go-to resource for biblical knowledge. He has a passion for helping others to carefully and thoughtfully understand and apply the Bible by creating well-researched biblical content. He goes live Mondays and Fridays at 1pm pacific time. From short videos (less than a minute) to long teachings on various topics (1 to 2 hours), Winger creates content from apologetics, to theology, to biblical knowledge.

InspiringPhilosophy (2011)


Michael Jones creates carefully produces videos with great video quality that includes animation, video clips, texts, and simple animation instead of just a talking head. His channel is primarily dedicated to researching the fields of philosophy, history, and science to uncover deep philosophical questions relating to the universe and our individual perception of life. It is very well researched providing lengthy quotations from academic and original sources which provide and running bibliography of the information that he has researched. Because of the production value, his heavier content comes out once or twice a month, but recently he has taken providing short clips and reactions to memes or arguments that are easily dismantled.

Capturing Christianity (2017)


Photographer turned YouTube apologist, Cameron Bertuzzi, began his channel after he learned his brother became an atheist. He began to explore the reasonableness of Christianity not only for his brother but for himself. The video quality is excellent given his photography background, but that does not distract or undercut the quality of his channel with multiple interviews and deeply researched issues. He brings on many guests that are of high academic pedigree and he has begun to host apologetics conferences.

Whaddo You Meme?? (2017)


Jon McCray’s entertaining and informative channel is based on responding to internet memes. What is a meme? They are often a humorous picture accompanied by text that is making a quick point. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are full of them and they spread rapidly around the internet. Memes lack a major thing: arguments and evidence. Jon McCray, seeing the impact that memes and other social media outlets have upon the internet community began his channel responding to memes attacking Christianity. Jon has teamed up with other YouTube apologists such as David Wood and Vocab Malone along with producing skits and having special guests on his channel.

What Would You Say (2018)


From the Colson Center comes quick answers to hard questions about gender, race, identity, equality, justice, and more. In a world where “truth” seems to change every five minutes, What Would You Say? gives you quick answers to today’s hardest questions. Each five-minute video helps you navigate today’s tricky cultural assumptions with clarity, confidence, and courage. – Fast answers to hard questions. We do the research and get you the answers you’re looking for—distilled so you can get them quickly. – Practical help for real conversations. Most of the time, you’re not trying to beat somebody—you’re trying to understand the world or serve a friend. What Would You Say? videos are designed to help.

Testify (2019)


A relatively newcomer to the Apologetics YouTube Channel is Testify produced by Erik Manning. This channel focuses mostly on the reliability of the New Testament, the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, the uniqueness of Jesus, and the argument from miracles. Testify’s goal is to help Christians know that they can be sure that what they have been taught is true, equip believers to defend Christian truth claims with greater effectiveness, and challenge skeptics and seekers with the truth of biblical Christianity.

There you have the Top Ten YouTube Apologetics Channels. But wait there are plenty more Apologetic Channels available on YouTube. Here is a quick listing of several others:

Alisa Childers

THE BEAT by Allen Parr

Cold-Case Christianity

Cross Examined

Impact 360 Institute

Lydia McGrew

Mama Bear Apologetics


Mike Licona

One Minute Apologist

Reasons to Beleive


Vocab Malone


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