Biblical Archaeology: – BREAKING – Newly Discovered Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Archaeologists have recently discovered new fragments for the Dead Sea Scrolls. The New York Times reports:

“Israeli researchers unveiled on Tuesday dozens of newly discovered Dead Sea Scroll fragments containing biblical texts dating back nearly 2,000 years, adding to the body of artifacts that have shed light on the history of Judaism, early Christian life and ancient humankind.”

It has been 60 or so years since the initial discovery and excavation of hundreds of scrolls and fragments next to the Dead Sea containing almost all of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.

Dozens of fragments have been discovered in this excavation along with an ancient basket and a partially mummified child. The Dead Sea Scroll fragments were “found in the “Cave of Horror”, which years ago yielded up the 1,900-year-old skeletons of Jewish rebels who had fought against the Roman Empire.” The fragments in the Cave of Horrors contained words in Greek when most of the Dead Sea Scrolls were written in Hebrew. The largest fragment has portions of Zechariah 8:16–17.

Here is a video describing the new discovery of fragments:

In 1947 one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever found was the Dead Sea Scrolls.  These short video is a great summary of the discovery:

Articles related to the discovery:

Israel Reveals Newly Discovered Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls” by Isabel Kershner | The New York Times March 16, 2021

New Piece of Dead Sea Scrolls Jigsaw Discovered After 60 Years” by Ari Rabinovitch | Reuters, Mar 16, 2021

By Ari Rabinovitch

Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery Reveals New Details About the Bible’s Earliest Translations” by Chip Hardy | Christianity Today,

“New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments, World’s Oldest Basket Found in Desert Cave” By Rossella Tercatin | The Jerusalem Post, March 17, 202


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