Apologetic Resource: Undesigned Coincidences Videos

Timothy and Lydia McGrew have undoubtedly championed the apologetic of “undesigned coincidences.” An undesigned coincidence is “a notable connection between two or more accounts or texts that don’t seem to have been planned by the person or people giving the accounts. Despite their apparent independence, the items fit together like pieces of a puzzle.” The result of finding these coincidences is discovering that the texts in questions (the Gospels, Acts, and letters of the New Testament in this case) are historically reliable and trustworthy. Here is a short video description of undesigned coincidences by Timothy McGrew:

Timothy McGrew, who is a professor of philosophy and chair of the department of philosophy at Western Michigan University, has spoken extensively on undesigned coincidences, but his wife, Lydia McGrew, has written most recently about undesigned coincidences. Lydia is a widely published analytic philosopher, specializing in formal and classical theory of knowledge, testimony, and philosophy of religion. She received a PhD in English from Vanderbilt University. She wrote Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts, the most current book on the topic. The phrase “undesigned coincidences” was coined by William Paley and was further developed and elaborated by John James Blunt.

Lydia McGrew: Confidence in the Gospels (With Infographic) | The Stream

Recently, on Lydia McGrew’s youtube page, she and her husband have been posting some excellent short videos of Timothy McGrew elaborating on these coincidences. The youtube page also contains her responses to Mike Licona’s video critiques of her other book The Mirror or the Mask (which you can catch up on that debate here). Here are just some of the dozen they have posted (all of which are under 2 minutes):

Definitely check out this excellent apologetic resource.