Match of the Century: Lydia vs. Licona…maybe? [Updated]

Lydia’s Counterpunch: Lydia McGrew answers blow for blow in her response series. Here is the first video response in the series: Looks like the bout is going to the next round June 1 with Licona’s video release announcing a new series titled “Lydia McGrew Answered!”: You can read this article to catch up with theContinue reading “Match of the Century: Lydia vs. Licona…maybe? [Updated]”

What About the Crusades? Myths and Facts.

Much discussion about the Crusades has floated around the media after Obama’s mentioning of it in a prayer breakfast speech.  This wasn’t the first time a president has mentioned the crusades.  At Georgetown University in 2001, Bill Clinton gave a speech blaming the current increase of Islamic terrorist activity, such as 9/11, as fallout from theContinue reading “What About the Crusades? Myths and Facts.”