Coronavirus, Apologetics, and the Problem of Evil

Covid-19 | New Scientist

The country has come to a screeching halt as we fight the spread of Covid-19 or the Coronavirus with social distancing. One question that obviously comes to mind is why did God allow the spread of the dangerous virus or any virus for that matter such as the flu. Below are some responses to Covid-19 by various apologists and academics that you might find useful:

McDowell and Jones: Why Does God Allow the Coronavirus?

Stand to Reason: A Message from Greg on the COVID-19 Upheaval

I know the recent public health crisis has caused concerns and complications for everyone. Kids are out of school, workers are stranded at home, public hangouts are vacated, and people are scared. These are unusual times. I understand. Read the rest here.

RZIM: Coronavirus: A Biblical, Historical Perspective

As COVID-19 suspends public life around the world, Austrian Christian Hofreiter reminds us of “the many times in history where the light of Christian charity has shone with dazzling brightness amidst dark times of infectious disease and societal upheaval. Read the rest here.

Free Thinking Ministries: Why Would God Allow COVID-19?

uppose you awoke tomorrow and the coronavirus pandemic had come to an end and all suffering had ceased. Not only are you no longer experiencing any suffering of any kind, but neither is anyone else. All suffering resulting from moral or natural evil — including COVID-19 – was nothing but a memory.

Is there any reason to think that it would stay that way? To answer this question, take a short quiz. To take the quiz and read the rest here. Dr. Dan Treats a Coronavirus Patient

Frank Turek and Dr. Dan on a podcast about the Coronavirus. Listen to it here.