Apologetic Resource: Impact 360 [NEW Video]

Impact 360 has been releasing some fantastically produced videos. Here is one of their newest ones:   Impact 360 has been running some great videos as well as their camps, residency programs, and training. Speakers who frequent Impact 360 include: Jonathan Morrow (one of Impact 360’s directors), Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace, Brett Kunkle, AlishaContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Impact 360 [NEW Video]”

Guards at the Tomb: Historical Inquiry and Resurrection Apologetics

The guards at the tomb of Jesus has been either much discussed or ignored in apologetical discourse around the resurrection of Jesus.  For example, here is William Lane Craig answering a question about the guards at the tomb:   Dr. Timothy McGrew, professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University,  has a thorough response to the challengeContinue reading “Guards at the Tomb: Historical Inquiry and Resurrection Apologetics”

Apologetic Resource: Videos on the Resurrection

Dr. William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith, Houston Baptist University, and Biola University, has just released his new videos on the resurrection.  Share them on social media: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?: The Facts   Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?: The Explanation   There are some great resources on the evidence for theContinue reading “Apologetic Resource: Videos on the Resurrection”