Top 5 Apologetic Books for a Graduate

We are in the midst of graduation season and some of us either have a graduate or know a graduate who is going to be headed off to college in just a couple of months. How can we help prepare them to face some the challenges and opportunities that college offers. Here is a listContinue reading “Top 5 Apologetic Books for a Graduate”

Biblical Archaeology: Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is recorded in Genesis 11:1-9.  Critical scholars have traditionally viewed this story as mythical and not historical. There just seemed to not be enough corroborating evidence. But, recently the Smithsonian Channel’s show titled Secrets aired its first episode of season four titled “The Tower of Babel” which seemingly supports the biblical record. TheContinue reading “Biblical Archaeology: Tower of Babel”

Check Out “Mama Bear Apologetics”

A couple of months ago I did a string of post on trends in apologetics.  One of the trends is Children’s Apologetics (other trends included Urban Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics, and Women’s Apologetics).  Just over a year ago, Hillary Ferrer started the blog and podcast called Mama Bear Apologetics.  The opening page tag line explains succinctly the purposeContinue reading “Check Out “Mama Bear Apologetics””