To Read This Week: New Testament Canon, Study Bible Infograph, and Gospel Authorship

Here are several articles you should check out:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.02.39 AM1. 7 Great Study Bibles (Infographic) – Tim Challies has produced a great infographic comparing seven different study bibles: ESV Study Bible, Reformation Study Bible, NIV Study Bible, Zondervan Study Bible, MacArthur Study Bible, HCSB Study Bible, KJV Study Bible.

2. What is the Earliest Complete List of the Canon of the New Testament – Michael OrigenJ. Kruger, expert on the canon of the New Testament, provides the earliest list of the New Testament and why it is significant.  Here is a taste of the article:

In the study of the New Testament canon, scholars like to highlight the first time we see a complete list of 27 books.  Inevitably, the list contained in Athanasius’ famous Festal Letter (c.367) is mentioned as the first time this happened.

As a result, it is often claimed that the New Testament was a late phenomenon.  We didn’t have a New Testament, according to Athanasius, until the end of the fourth century.

But, this sort of reasoning is problematic on a number of levels.  First, we don’t measure the existence of the New Testament just by the existence of lists.

3. Argument for Traditional Gospel Authorship – Keith Reich at his Know Thyself Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.13.19 AMblog has provided as quick series of articles debating for the traditional authorship of the gospels.  Dr. Reich is Chair of the Religion Department at Chowan University with a Ph.D. from Baylor.  While there are seven articles in the the series, they are quick and to the point, and you don’t have to read a whole book to get caught up on the issue.  It is worth the extra time to read.

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5 False Theories About Jesus: Repost

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