Militant Atheist Lacks an Argument

Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist and cosmologist at Arizona State University,  penned an article with The New Yorker.  It is provocatively titled “All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists.”  Not just an atheist, but a militant atheist.  Krauss, has risen in fame in the past few years, penning such books at The Physics of Star Trek andContinue reading “Militant Atheist Lacks an Argument”

Cold-Cases and Christianity

My wife loves detective or crime shows on TV.  From Matlock and Monk to Psyche and Sherlock.  She actually likes serving on the jury in court.  For those who have special place for detective shows or even crime novels you need to check out J. Warner Wallace.  Wallace, a cold-case detective, was an adamant atheistContinue reading “Cold-Cases and Christianity”

“Jesus really did appear to the disciples, and skeptics after his death.” 40 Quotes by scholars.

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
I love quotes. I also read widely, and in the process save many quotes that are relevant, and thought provoking. It may come to the surprise of many readers that it is actually the mainstream scholarly position that the disciples, and skeptics alike, came…