Repost: Christian Parenting Blog “Reasons the Internet May Influence Your Kids’ Faith More Than You”

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.04.57 AMNatasha Crain posts at her Christian Parenting Blog on how the internet is influencing your children’s faith more than you are.

The reasons include:

1. Most kids aren’t well grounded in theology, so they can easily fall prey to really bad internet distortions of what Christianity is about.

2. The internet brings the most challenging parts of the Bible front and center.

3. The internet exposes kids to a “treasure trove” of uncritical thinking that sounds right.

4. The internet is a disaster waiting to happen for kids who haven’t been taught how to critically conduct research on spiritual subjects.

This is a great article that deserves a quick read, especially by Christian parents.  In fact, I would extend the demographic to adults as well.  Most Christians aren’t theologically grounded and taught how to critically think and can be adversely influenced by the internet just as much as kids.