To Read This Week: Islam, Middle Knowledge, and Science

1.What is God Really Like: Tawhid or Trinity? Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Debate

Looking forward to this debate.  I am currently reading Dr. Qureshi’s book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus which is an excellent combination of apologetics, biography, and understanding Islam.  Tagged on amazon as “an unexpected journey from Islam to Christianity” this book traces Nabeel’s pilgrimage from one religion to another. I highly recommend it.

2. Middle Knowledge Misunderstood – This quick blog is about my master’s thesis: “middle knowledge.”  Middle Knowledge is a system of reconciling God’s sovereignty (like divine election) and human freedom.  Pastor Matt does a great job trying to explain it in this brief blog and links to an Q&A with William Lane Craig if you want to explore the concept further. UPDATE: Pastor Matt includes Three Things You Need to Read on Molinism.

3. Real Science vs. Bill Nye the “Science” Guy – In accord with my Science Series, here is a link to an article concerning Bill Nye and science since he has been in the news lately.

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