Just Ask a Question.

If you are just beginning to learn about Apologetics and the different reasons and arguments for the truth of Christianity, it can be overwhelming at first.  The nuances of the cosmological argument verses the details of the teleological argument can be daunting for a beginner.  But there is a better way to begin . .  .


One does not have to know anything about Apologetics in order to make the case for Christianity. With a series of carefully selected questions you can advance the cause of Christ without knowing to much about why Christianity is true.  While there is definitely good reason to believe that God exists and historical evidence for the existence of Jesus, one does not have to get a master’s degree in theology or philosophy in order to make the case.  Thankfully apologist Greg Koukl has written a fine book titled Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.

Here are a few simple questions that are useful in any conversation.

1. What do you mean by that?

This question is great to get the conversation going.  As the radio talk show host Dennis Prager says, “Clarity is preferred to agreement.”  It is always good to understand the person before you agree or disagree with them.  Sometimes this can resolve the issue before it becomes one.

2. How do you know that is true?

This shifts the burden of proof from you to them.  Instead of diving into reasons why God exists, ask why the think God doesn’t exist.  I had a friend who grew up a Christian who later abandoning it in college.  When I inquired why he thought Christianity wasn’t true he replied that “it didn’t make him happy.”  This is obviously not the most powerful evidence against Christian belief.  Truth be known: Christianity is not about making you happy, but making you holy.

Just by asking a few questions you can make great headway in any conversation.

Check out a free resource by Stand to Reason for more on using questions here.

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